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Message Tracking

→ W!enablemessagetracking · Enables Message Tracking
→ W!disablemessagetracking · Disables Message Tracking
W!afk {Reason (Optional)} · Adds AFK | to your name and informs other members that you’re afk when they ping you. Running this command again will set you unafk
→ W!points · Shows the amount of points you gained. W!enablemessagetracking must be executed before this Command works


W!setprefix {New Prefix} · Changes the default prefix (W!) to your personal prefix
→ W!rename {User Mention} {New Name} ·Changes the Nickname of the mentioned member
→W!suggest {Trigger} {Response} · Sends a message into the Suggestions Channel

Files and Documents

→W!javascript {Text/Code}  · Creates a JavaScript File
→W!java {Text/Code} · Creates a Java File
→W!html {Text/Code} · Creats a HTML File
→W!word {Text/Code} · Creates a Word File
→W!python {Text/Code} · Creates a Python File
→W!ruby {Text/Code} · Creates a Ruby File
→W!cpp {Text/Code} · Creates a C++ File
→W!csharp · Creates a C# File
→W!css · Creates a CSS File


→ W!kick {User Mention} · Kicks the mentioned member
→ W!ban {User Mention} · Bans the mentioned member
→ W!warn {User Mention} {Reason} · Warns the mentioned member
→ W!unwarn {User Mention} · Unwarns the mentioned member
→ W!warnings {User Mention} · Shows the warncount of the mentioned member
→ W!mute {User Mention} {Reason} · Mutes the mentioned member. All messages will be deleted from this user
→ W!tempmute {User Mention} {Time} · (sSeconds, m-Minutes, h-Hours) · Mutes the mentioned member temporarily. He will be unmuted automatically
→ W!unmute {User Mention} · Unmutes a muted member
→ W!clear/purge {Amount} · Deletes the specified amount of messages in a channel
→W!slowmode {d/h/m/s} · Puts the chat where the command is runned into slowmode
→W!giverole · Gives a Role you tagged to an User you tagged
→W!takerole  · Takes a Role you tagged from an User you tagged
→W!lockdown  · Will set the Server on lockdown
→W!unlock · Will unlock all channels
→W!setmainrole · You can specify the mainrole of your Server, highly recommended when you want to use lockdown


→ W!userinfo {User Mention/User ID} · Shows some information about the mentioned member
→ W!channelinfo · Shows some information about the channel the command was executed
W!serverinfo · Shows some information about the Server the command was executed
W!roleinfo {Role Mention/Role Name/Role ID} · Shows some information about the mentioned Role

Information about the Bot

→ W!info
→ W!ping
→ W!invite
→ W!error



W!enablelogs {Channel Mention} · Enables Message, Invite, Role, Kick and Ban-Log
W!disablelogs · Disables all Logs


W!enableantilink · Enables the Antilink-System from Wumpie. He will delete and links immediately
W!disableantilink · Disables the Antilink-System



W!fox · Shows a picture of a fox
W!dog · Shows a picture of a dog
W!cat · Shows a picture of a cat
→W!hack {User} · Troll your friends with a hack
W!nick {New Nickname} · Gives you the new Nickname on the current server
→W!button · Just a button that appears in the chat where you used the command


W!play {Song Title/Link} · Plays a Song from YouTube. Recommended to use. Playlists doesn’t work
W!spotify {Song-Link/Playlist-Link} · Plays a song from YouTube. Playlists playable
W!stop · Wumpie will stop playing music
W!pause · Wumpie will pause the current song
→ W!resume · Wumpie will resume the current song
W!skipTo {Number in Queue} · Wumpie will skip to the song you provided
W!volume {Number} · Sets the Music Volume. Default = 100
W!queue · Will show the Music Queue
W!songinfo · Will show some info about the current song
→ W!loop · Loops current playing song


→W!setlevelchannel · Sets the channel where the leveling Messages will be send
→W!levelconfig · You can turn on/off the Level System
→W!rank · Shows you your current Level, how much XP you have at your current level and how much is needed for a Level-Up