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Discord Easter Eggs

Super Blackmode (Only Android)

Tapping The Dark Mode button 10 times in succession on an Android device will give an option to enable AMOLED/Super dark Mode.

After 5 times, the message will appear saying: “You hear a rumble! Knock 5 more times…”. Every time you tap it afterward, the number will decrease by one, until on the 10th tap, a message will appear, saying: “Brave one, the path to darkness opens!”. After you tap the switch near “AMOLED optimized mode (experimental)” the message will say “In the darkness evil lies alone. Not Supported.”



Flashlight (Only Android)

Clicking the Light Mode button 6 times in succession on an Android device will turn on the flashlight, and make the screen just completely white, with the message saying: “When light theme is not enough!”



Discord Revolution (Only Desktop and Browser)

Upon hitting Ctrl + / to bring up the Discord Key Combos menu, four directional arrows will appear in the upper-right-hand corner of the dialog. Pressing the arrows on your keyboard will play a designated tone for each direction. You can press multiple keys at a time to create chords.
















Copied Username (Only Desktop and Browser)

When you click on your profile number/ID, Discord copies it for you and displays a little green text box with “Copied!” in it.

Repeatedly clicking your ID will prompt the following messages:

  1. Copied!
  2. Double Copy!
  3. Triple Copy!
  4. Dominating!!
  5. Rampage!!
  6. Mega Copy!!
  7. Unstoppable!!
  8. Wicked Sick!!
  9. Monster Copy!!!
  10. GODLIKE!!!!

Note: ‘GODLIKE!!!’ and ‘BEYOND GODLIKE!!!!’ have a shaking text box with a red background.

This is a reference to kill streaks in Dota 2, where each of these lines is played in succession after each kill, and then stopping at BEYOND GODLIKE!!!! and repeating it until the streak ends.



Discord Remix Song (Only Desktop and Browser)

When you start Discord, there is a 1/1000 (0.1%) chance that when you receive a call, you will get a remixed ringtone.



Discordo (Only Dekstop and Browser)

Clicking 15 times on the home button will enable discordo, playing a sound when you start up discord, clicking another 15 times will disable it.



Empathy Banana (Only Desktop and Browser)

Empathy Banana pops up when you occasionally find it instead of the default magnifying glass.



Nitro Confetti (Only Desktop and Browser)

Confetti will display if you hover over a nitro icon in a nitro boost message.

Repeatedly hovering over this icon over and over and over again will randomly prompt Wumpus to appear from any corner.



Computer Man

Visiting will redirect you to a video clip from an old Canadian show called Vid Kids.



Rate Limits

On the Discord API Rate Limits documentation page ( there is a blue colon that when clicked will take you to a fun animation created by Dougley ( To find this, look in the “Exceeding A Rate Limit” section. (There is also a secret thing in the website by messing with the Light and Nyan Cat modes called meew0 mode, with counts how many times you click it) The sentence it is in is: Note that the normal rate-limiting headers will be sent in this response.




Softsoap is often found in Discord’s Game Night streams, though it also occasionally cameos in “new feature” videos. (for example, a bottle of Pomegranate and Mango Infusions Softsoap can be found in the background of Discord’s Nitro Brew Coffee April Fools video) The two most referenced bottles of Softsoap are “Pomegranate and Mango Infusions Bodywash” in 18 fl oz. quantity and “Lavender & Chamomile Hand Soap” in 7.5 fl oz quantity.

The inside joke’s debut was in the October 2016 Game Night stream, in which former Discord staff member Zencha frequently transitions his sentences into advertisements for Pomegranate and Mango Infusions Softsoap, claiming that it will give the customer “silky smooth ski



New User (Only Desktop and Browser)

When viewing a new user, it will say “I am new to Discord, say hi!”. Then the Wumpus in a form of Mario, Luigi, Link, Pikachu, or Little Mac will pop up.



Holiday themed

If the time and date is Thanksgiving, (November 26th) the emoji picker will turn into a turkey.



This Insanity

If you go to your server settings you’ll see a link below Notification Settings with the words this insanity it’s a Youtube Video that will link you to this:



Shun Goku Satsu / Raging Demon

  1. Open the Discord Key Combos screen with Ctrl + /.
  2. Click on the four arrows in the corner of the popup – when you press your arrow keys now the arrow keys will react.
  3. Type “h h -> n k” (-> = right arrow) (the button combination needed to pull off Akuma’s Super Combo, the Shun Goku Satsu, in most Street Fighter games).
  4. The pop-up disappears and you get a cool little animation based on the combo.


Spotify Play/Listen Along Messages

If you go view your own status while a song is playing on Spotify and you try to click the ‘listen along’ or ‘play along’ buttons, you will instead be shown the phrases “You played yourself. Wait, you can’t” and “Listen along with someone else, not yourself”, respectively.