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Newest Bot Feature!

Leveling System added! You can now enable leveling on your server.

Jun 29 2021

Update 1.3.0

Yesterday we released the Update 1.3.0 which includes Cosmetic Changes, Bug Fixes and one new Commands. The Cosmetic changes: AFK embeds are using the role color of your/the mentioned member’s Role The mentioned member’s avatar … Continue reading Update 1.3.0

Jun 16 2021
Jun 16 2021
Jun 14 2021

Update 1.2.95

New Update out today so new Commands and some fixes. New Commands in this Update: Added Leveling System Added W!setlevelchannel Added W!levelconfig Fixes and Removed Commands in this Update: Fixed Antilink System | Wumpie won’t … Continue reading Update 1.2.95

Jun 03 2021
May 27 2021

Update 1.2.8

What happened in this Update? We brought Music Commands back to Wumpie Premium since Wumpus has enough power, he can play music without any problems. The commands “play, stop, skip, skipto, volume, pause, resume, leave, … Continue reading Update 1.2.8

May 27 2021

Update 1.2.7

New Commands that were added in this Update Added W!hack Added W!auditlog Added W!slowmode Fixed, Optimized and disabled Commands in this Update Fixed W!afk Fixed W!nick Fixed Database issue Optimized 90 commands Fixed W!covid Fixed … Continue reading Update 1.2.7

Mar 22 2021
Mar 15 2021

Update 1.2.5

•Emoji bug fixed in “userinfo” title •Emoji bug in error messages from Wumpie Music fixed •W!suggest {Trigger} {Response} has been added to Utility Commands  

Mar 01 2021